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  • Image of Dare to Dream | Business Mentoring

The Nightmare Reversed | The Business & Client Tract

(see website for more information: www.kansaspitts.com/dare-to-dream-the-2016-mentoring-series)

I don't think any of us knew exactly how much business was involved in a photography business-we just wanted to make gorgeous pictures right? Well this is for those who have the shooting & editing down to a science; your images are on point and you rock! But what you really need help with is the backend of your business. We will go over everything that goes on behind the scenes of your business and work to hone in those aspects you struggle with to make you more efficient but also to make your customer service stand out from the rest. I will send over a questionnaire to find out exactly where you are in the business aspect, make my suggestions, we can chat, & I will answer all your questions, including pricing & all the hard stuff. We can run the numbers and help you get to where you want to be in 2016. Once we have answered those questions, we can move on to the client business portion-identifying , finding, marketing, and selling to your target client. We will address pricing and what business model is best for your goals (where you want to be a shoot & burn or in person sales photographer). At the end I want you to be comfortable with where you want your business to go and have a plan to implement the things necessary to reach those dreams.

Specifically this includes 2-45 minute Skype Sessions

I believe in doing two sessions so that you can think about the information covered in the first session and we can follow up and address questions & concerns in the second so that you will get all the information you truly desire to meet your goals.

Terms & Conditions:

I will be taking a very limited number of students due to time commitments.
These will be offered from January-March of 2016 (if I have the opportunity to extend them further into the year based on my session schedule I will). All Sessions purchased must be scheduled within a week of the purchase & dates must be before March 31, 2016.
Be advised sessions will be scheduled on weekdays from 10 am - 2 pm and week nights after 8pm, all CST.
Mentees must sign a contract which includes a non-compete clause for 12 months; you not be permitted to teach, mentor, etc. for 12 months following your mentorship.
Information you receive during your sessions is confidential and may not be shared in any way.
Mentoring sessions are not open to photographers within 75 miles of 32459.