• Image of The Mini Series Part 2 | Skin Retouching 101
  • Image of The Mini Series Part 2 | Skin Retouching 101
  • Image of The Mini Series Part 2 | Skin Retouching 101
  • Image of The Mini Series Part 2 | Skin Retouching 101
  • Image of The Mini Series Part 2 | Skin Retouching 101

**Please do not purchase if you have not watched Part 1 - Skin Tones, Color Casts, & White Balance - its really a precursor to this tutorial**

Do you struggle with hard to edit baby or senior skin? Want better ways to retouch and make your clients look amazing?

Once I finished with the Skin Tone tutorial I wanted to take it a step further and move on to Skin Retouching. I had so much fun with this one! We go over all the fabulous tools in Photoshop to help with acne, wrinkles, baby skin, stray hairs, etc. I show you how and when to use them and then we move on to eye & teeth retouching, touch on a little digital makeup, and even cover skin contouring in Photoshop-its so fun and easy! Although this was supposed to be a mini tutorial it ended up being 1.5+ hours because I wanted to pack in as much information and examples as I possibly could for you guys! I show you really tough edits and then show you a few run-of-the-mill edits. All hand edits with NO actions. Got a little time? Want to improve your skills? Join me now!

Downloadable Video Tutorial | +1.5 Hour

(This download is around 1.1 gb so have a good internet connection before purchasing)


*A comprehensive overview of the skin retouching tools in Photoshop (and how/when to use them-most tools can be used in PSE as well)

*Overview of many methods for retouching tough & not so tough skin issues in Photoshop (most methods can be used in PSE as well)

*Dealing with tough baby skin, senior acne, wrinkles, and other, but more typical situations

*Not so scary but easy eye & teeth retouching

*Smoothing & Sharpening

*Dealing with Shine on the skin

*Skin Contouring (think makeup tutorial) & digital makeup enhancement

*A 3 page Reference Guide & Cheat Sheet on Lightroom/Photoshop Tools/Methods & when its best to use them (pdf)

*Bonus: Not to mention isn't it cool to be a fly on the wall when someone is editing-shows you tons on behind the scenes as far as masking & layering and methodology!

*Bonus-Full Hand Edits from start to finish in PS

Skin Tones, Color Casts, & White Balance Tutorial is a Prerequisite for this tutorial-purchase this one at your own risk if you are purchasing before purchasing and watching the first skin tutorial (find it: http://kansaspitts.com/photographer-shop/the-mini-series-photography-tutorials/the-mini-series-skin-tones-color-casts-white-balance-tutorial

Please read through all the information before purchasing. Due to the nature of this product there will be NO refunds of any kind. Thank you for understanding. Full information here: http://kansaspitts.com/photographer-shop/the-mini-series-photography-tutorials/the-mini-series-skin-retouching-101-more